Hydraulic Dock Leveler

Hydraulic Dock Leveler

FERRON dock levelers are integrated with safety valve to prevent any accidents in case of breakdown of hydraulic hose & leakages. These dock levelers has mechanical safety device for inspection & maintenance operations. Rubber bumpers are fixed at the front side of the dock levelers to prevent damage of its structure. These dock levelers are completely framed structure.

Specifications :

✠ Capacity : 9T, 12T, 15T
✠ UDL : 9T
✠ Point Load/Max: 6T
✠ Hydraulic hose length: 3m(As per standard)
✠ Power based vehicles(Slope): 8-10 degree
✠ Hand operated: 6-7 degree

Paint Finish :

Standard Finish with 1 Coat of Epoxy Primer & 2 coats of Epoxy Paint. Base Frame – Black with Safety Reflective Tapes


Standard Dock Leveler

Customized Dock Leveler